Special All In One Hack + 50 TP

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Special All In One Hack + 50 TP

Post  wanky95 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:44 pm

Hey Guys,today I'm gonna share you Ninja Saga Special All In One Hack + 50 TP per Day

Browser [that supports fiddler extension] to play NS
Character Level must be 40 to do TP Missions

Fiddler : goo[dot]gl/M9Oht
SWF Hack Files : goo[dot]gl/BW4TQ

Open fiddler
Goto autoresponder tab and tick:
enable autoresponse
unmatched requests passthrough
Drag all swf files in fiddler
Click clear cache in fiddler
Now clear your browser's cache:

For Google Chrome:
goto options
under the hood
clear browsing data
tick cache and untick others (history etc)
clear browsing data

For Mozillia:
Goto tools
Clear private data/recent history
tick cache and untick others (history etc)
Click clear now

Note: Set the clear cache time range to atleast 1 day !!!
Open Ninja Saga
Now go to Shop to enjoy all the new features of the new hack update




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